Va et Vient (Soundtrack For an Empty Sunlit Corridor at the End of the Day)


6-channel sound installation

2 drawings

Listen: osakako school play

A shifting, broken narrative originally conceived as a site-specific installation weaving between the walls and windows and doorways of the cloakroom, a corridoor space in a disused Victorian Grammar school, for the exhibition Eek (held at The old Grammar School, Redruth, UK, August – October 2006).

The cloakroom – the coming and going part of a school. It is where you find coat-pockets and school bags and lockers with things in them. Things found and kept (in hidden corners) that belong to, or come from, elsewhere. It is the most transitory of spaces, where you would only linger, but rarely remain.

The sounds used in the composition are a disparate selection of field and other recordings – around a school in Osaka, Japan; children playing in a garden in Somerset; someone rocking a rickety table on which is placed a miscellany of bells and toys and spinning tops in an empty echoing hall in London.

2 large drawings in fine black pen on paper map out the images used as triggers for the sounds collated in the audio composition. Intrinsic to both the sound piece and the drawings is an improvisatory mode of construction.

Va et Vient (Soundtrack For an Empty Sunlit Corridor at the End of the Day) | 2006 | Works | Tags: ,