6-channel sound performance

Listen: Tslilut (message)

“Even the shadows are agitated, with a random hectic pulsing along the edges” Paul Auster

A live sound performance using 3 CD players, and a collection of different tracks – most composed with distinct sounds on the left and right channels, thereby creating constant movement of sound between the 6 speakers.

Working with contrasts and tensions to create space within multi-layered accumulations of different sound bytes, samples and recorded improvisations, a sense of depth or surface or motion through changing spaces.

I have used rattling and rolling treble sounds, quite sharp and bright, close to your ears, almost at times inside your head. Then other deeper throbbing sounds, augmented bass, vibrations you feel with your entire body.

Stretches of layered and fragmented noise, meshing arrhythmic and radom percussive sounds with harmonic and melodic elements, analogue keyboard melodies, oscillator rhythms, mobile phone frequencies, digital interference, recordings of voicemail and birdsong, rolling toys and music boxes, digitial skipping, fast-forward, reverse, sounds compressed and woven together in a mess of stutter and shuffle, of broken phrases.

Tslilut | 2003 | Works | Tags: ,