The Moth Sessions

Solo exhibition,TAKEFLOOR 404&502, Tokyo, November 2006

stereo sound installation

wall drawing

2 drawings

1 book of drawings

This work is a reflection on pattern, movement, mapping, and the sounds of these things. The sound and drawings were composed simultaneously – each seeking to expand and distill the other.

Listen: the moth sessions excerpt

The sound is a composition of 3 recordings: 4 people dancing barefoot on a linoleum floor in a large room; 1 person riding a bike over the loose cement slabs that make up the tow path of a canal; 2 clocks falling in and out of sync in an otherwise silent room at midnight.

The drawings bring together the patterns of markings on moths? wings; details of land mass contours, the comparative paths of rivers, the diagrammatic routes of various winds taken from Milner’s Descriptive Atlas, 1850, in particular the Map Showing the Distribution of the Winds and their Influence on Navigation; choreographic patterns and notations from historical French and North American dance manuals; diagrams showing the movements of the moon…

The starting point for this was a track I composed in February 2006 – dusk. The sounds in this track were fluttering, broken, husky, crepuscular, somehow faraway and yet as close and inescapable as the feeling of your pulse when you block your ears. They made me think of moths, the thick velvet textures of their wings and antennae, the rapid wing movements, the sounds they make as they fly into lightbulbs, their swarming silhouettes, black and frantic, against the blinding light of a lit bulb in a dark room – something both soft and anxious.

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