2003 – 2007

6-channel sound installation

13 drawings

The same set of 63 audio tracks of varying lengths is played on shuffle and on repeat on 3 iPod shuffles. This randomizes the sequence the tracks are played in, the latter having been composed using stereo panning as a means of creating a greater number of distinct sound sources. Indiviual sounds are placed to the right or the left, or in the middle of a pair of speakers. The pairs are seperated in the installation space and the same sounds travel from pair to pair as determined by the random sequencing. This allows for the possibility of repetition, echo, silence, whilst disrupting any definite sense of pattern.

The recorded sounds vary in tone, volume, texture, and clarity. Percussive noises, disticnt melodies of bells, windchimes, and music boxes, dampened tingling, muted rustling amidst clatter and hum, crunching, crisp, close, doors closing, keys shaken, doors shut. These sounds conjure up differing spaces and distance – impressions of closeness, of something heard from within or from afar, from above and beside and underneath. The drawings form an ongoing collection of images – responses to, and echoes of, the sounds and the spaces they create.

Listen: phasmes

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