Osaka la Douce (The Sound of Footsteps in Gravel)

2005 – 2007

4-channel sound performance

Stereo recording of the performance presented as installation for headphones

Series of drawings

We sat on wooden steps leading up to wooden rooms, walked slowly through the ancient guarded gates and along the covered wooden walkways. We crossed a river on giant stepping stones, cast cement and stone, docile turtles unperturbed, water birds gathering, the ground rose to my right, I listened. I passed the canal, the sound of water running up to and against and along the concrete walls of the brigde, the steady clicking of bicycles to my right and then my left, my left, again, crocheted rhythms dissapearing.

A sound piece constructed from and in response to The November Recordings – a selection of field recordings collected in Osaka, Nara and Kyoto in November 2005. The drawings form an ongoing collection of images, seeking to expand and distill ideas and places present in the sounds.
Listen: Osaka la Douce (Shitennoji)

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